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Connect All Your Data

The new Connect platform from makes it easier than ever to coordinate data and processes across multiple functional areas of your district. With so many data points connected in one place, educators enhance their insights into student needs – and district leaders gain a clear path to student success.

  • Leverage Risk Indicators to identify students on each MTSS
    tier, create Intervention Plans, and make the plans visible on
    the right teachers’ Dashboards

  • Perform universal screening using the assessment scores in
    Homeroom Dashboards, then complete the referral process
    and start students on Highly Capable Learning Plans

  • Queue up Absence Responses for your attendance team, send
    family communications with a single click, and launch
    attendance Intervention Plans for students at risk

  • Monitor student progress and offer feedback at each stage of
    the High School and Beyond process, from career research to
    Four Year Plan development to professional resume

Data-informed CTE

Connect also provides the foundation for our newest application: CTE supports districts with data on who your Concentrators are and how they’re progressing, informs future courses and content areas, and makes your Perkins Grant reporting one-click simple.

What’s New

  • The same, only better

    For districts already using applications, rest assured the Connect upgrade will not jar your users out of their established processes. The enhancements are all about smoother workflows and faster access to the data you need.

  • More info in fewer clicks

    Users can now engage directly with the data through in-cell editing, batch actions, and more.

  • Data comes to you.

    No more need to switch between apps. Surface cross-functional data right where you are with the integrating power of Connect.

  • Enhanced usability

    We've gathered up the best features from each area to create intuitive navigation that's consistent across all the applications.

  • Self-directed learning

    Step-by-step instructions, reference materials, videos, and other helps are integrated through the applications so users can easily find what they need.

“One of the major improvements in Connect is the ability to update student learning plans within the data table itself.
This will dramatically increase efficiency when updating student plans.”
Tiffany Gould, Director of CCTE and Federal Programs Ridgefield School District

Why SchoolData Connect?

If the following qualities are important to you, then chances are good we’re about to be your new favorite partner.

Meaningful and personal support?
Our in-house development and customer support teams place a high
value on your time and your needs. The close listening we offer client
districts frequently leads to collaborations on brand-new applications or features.
Dynamic software that keeps pace with your changing needs?
We’re committed to continuous enhancement. products grow and
evolve based on customer input. With Connect, these updates can happen even faster.
A partner who understands education?
We have a decade of experience collaborating with educators, and the former educators
on our team bring insider insights to the data that best serves you.