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Alternative Learning Experience


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How do you continue to serve the students
who thrived outside the traditional school
setting? Learn how to set up permanent
options for alternative learning in your
district, with our 16-page guide.

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Explore the benefits

Configure the app to meet your unique program
and save time in daily maintenance and monitoring.

  • Compliance-

    Meet all reporting and data
    tracking requirements with
    an app designed to meet the
    letter and spirit of the law.

  • Customized to
    your school

    Build in pre-approved
    learning standards, activities,
    and objectives — the system
    flexes to your students’ needs.

  • Rich

    Built-in tools help manage
    day-to-day ALE operations,
    from parent registrations
    to internal budgeting.

I don’t necessarily have to look at individual student reports, I can look at reports on a much greater scale and be sure that we’re meeting all of our compliance.

Vince Riccobene

Principal and CT Director, Sequim School District

How it works

Simple, customizable templates and specialized parent access ensure a coordinated,
efficient approach to alternative education.

  • Keep oversight simple, with at-a-glance data on all
    Student Learning Plans and their monitoring educator.

  • Simplify student learning plan creation and review,
    with student data integrated directly from your SIS.

  • Review students’ subjects and courses, complete with
    course type and average weekly hours.

  • Customize your monthly progress reporting,
    incorporating feedback from class teachers, parents,
    or students themselves.

  • Monitor caseloads easily with color-coded
    and reference applicable law, provided
    verbatim in the app.

  • Track student progress month to month and
    facilitate shared understanding between teachers,
    students, and parents.

Give your students the
freedom and flexibility
they’re looking for.

The app is ready to accommodate your chosen
contact methods and learning standards.
You can also manage all your documentation,
freeing staff to support students in their
personalized learning objectives.



ALE Demo Video

Culture of a family-centric ALE program

Excerpt from SchoolData.net Presents webinar with Dr. Kate Baehr, "Engaging and Empowering Families Through Alternative Learning"

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